jackson paid kids mother 750K to stay away

Monday, June 29th, 2009

this article from the saturday edition of the guardian talks about michael and the seeds that led to his self-loathing. the article also asks us why people had been willing (and now even still) to excuse michael jackson everything, from his bleached out skin to his love of a monkey and the endless trail of little kids and his ‘jesus juice.’ the article also points out that michael jackson paid debbie rowe, the mother of his first 2 children whom he briefly married, $750K per year to stay away from her own children. that she did it is even more bizarre.

isn’t it disturbing that in endless newsreports that this woman, debbie rowe is referred to as ‘the birth mother’ or ‘the biological mother’ but never ‘the mother’ of her own kids? these kids who are whiter than white? if you know anything about biology and how the male has the dominate genes, one has to wonder. if we look at halle berry or barack obama, both of whom had a black father and a white mother, we gotta wonder who is the father of michael jacksons ‘kids.’ did he merely marry debbie rowe so that he could lay claim to the kids knowing that no court in the u.s. (or the world) would allow him to adopt a child. not even malawi? and how in the world did madonna end up with black kids and michael jackson with white ones? the endless questions don’t just stop here.

update: according to an article in the new york post, quoting an interview from the weekly world news, the kids were not fathered by michael jackson.


2 comments on “jackson paid kids mother 750K to stay away

  1. I still can’t believe he is gone. My heart goes out to his 3 children and his mother. I was so glad to hear that the grandmother was granted temporary guardianship. Eventhough he did not father the children, I believe he was a devoted and loving dad. He was the only parent the children knew. RIP Michael. You will be dearly missed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “If you know anything about biology”… dude, clearly you don’t! The father does NOT have dominant genes. It’s 50/50 from the mother and the father.

    Of course, I do agree that the kids are not MJs.

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