sarah palin run out of office

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

was the soon to be former governor of alaska run out of office? was the woman, who at one point last year had an approval rating of 80% and presently leads one of the few states in the u.s. that’s not bleeding from the economic recession, totally trashed by the right coast (meaning left of course) media?

what with david letterman basically encouraging baseball player (you know, the game nobody else in the world understands) alex rodriguez to accost her 14 year old daughter followed close on the heels by levi johnston (father of bristol palin’s kid) getting himself inserted into as many tabloid zines as possible, and then there’s of course the vanity fair article (the u.s. one, remember, the german one closed this year) questioning her mental states and suggesting she was suffering from you know, post baby depression during the 2008 elections.

this is sort of a trend. tends to happy to successful women. look at carly fiorina from HP and well, the list is short because of you know, that glass ceiling thing. but are the dems so afraid of sarah palin that they have continued thrashing her despite the presidential election being almost 1 year old. and despite the fact that um, barack obama, whose got less experience than palin (who was incidentally only running for vp) is now president of the united states running the country in the middle of a depression that some believe is the result of the democratic party having talked the economy down for 2 years in order to win the white house in 2008 so that they could you know install a charismatic dictator and push the country into the 21st century version of socialism (given that the 20th century version failed). but enough with the run on sentences.


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