hugo boss special sale for special customers

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

hugo boss berlin has developed a special mailing list for their more and/or most valuable customers. the label, which has 2 free standing stores in the mitte district of berlin, at the top of the summer had a pre-sale for these particular shoppers. most everything was 30% off and both hugo boss and hugo boss orange were mad houses as the label (s) ushered in their summer line.

how does one get on this list? how much do you have to purchase and is this based on lifetime purchases, quarterly, or monthly purchases. and how much would one need to purchase to get on ‘the list.’ you know, the one where you are automatically invited to their catwalk shows if this were a possibility.

anna wintour, editor of american vogue was raked over the coals this week for offering that perhaps a committe should be set up to essentially not let people engage in too much discounting.

is discounting hurting the luxury industry? remember when prada never had a sale. or hugo boss for that matter. abercrombie and fitch tried to hold to this ideal during this ongoing recession–that premium labels should never discount. but caved in a few months ago after looking at their balance sheet, inventory, and lack of customers who had all headed off to old navy and ross.


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