white women don't age very well

Friday, August 14th, 2009

is it true that white women don’t age very well? or is this a myth? exhibit ‘a’ kate moss. 35. exhibit ‘b’ halle berry. 42. conversely (generally speaking) men tend to age better than women. it could also be that moss, who is blond and presumably has spent loads of time in the sun drinking alcohol and snorting goodness knows what, is a way bad example. but lighter skin tends to not such a grad relationship with the sun.

it could also have something to do with at which age a woman starts using cosmetics. up until recently (like perhaps this century), brown and black women have hard a challenging time finding make up that works with their skin. if you look at candid photos of halle berry on the street, it generally looks like she’s not wearing make up.

all skin must age. that’s the natural course of events. it is how god intended things to be. and fighting the process in a brooke astor way really isn’t a good idea. better to accept change and age gracefully. remove that short short skirt and be happy with a-lengths. and don’t do an anna wintour. dare to change your hairstyle from time to time. a signature style is okay, but jennifer aniston shouldn’t hold onto variations of her ‘friends’ haircut for the rest of her life.


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