juicy couture smells of last century

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

have you ever really understood why americans love love love sweats with rude things etched on the ass? like ‘juicy’ ‘tri delt’ or ‘kappa alpha something or other?’

last january, while visiting the bread and butter streetwear tradeshow in barcelona, i was told by a representative from the fab french label faith connexion that one side of their exhibit was stuff they made for american retailers. the other side was for the rest of the world.

the american side consisted of sweats and hoodies. well here’s what the rest of the world was buying, 80s goth jeans with pointy metal pieces and flowing twilight dresses a la rachelle lefevre’s victoria character.

and this brings us to juicy couture. would you dare let anyone catch you in a velour track suit or carrying a terry cloth handbag?

and what’s with the middle-aged hide your ass look being thrusted up on tweenagers and twenty-somethings?


One comment on “juicy couture smells of last century

  1. Al Beauti says:

    wow, that’s very disappoiting, but there shud be a friggin book written on this. American consumers need a wake up call, American designers need a big ass cup of step your game up.
    Thanks for this…

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