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french director luc besson weighs in on roman polanski

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

americans love to slam the french, but in this case he’s in agreement with the country the french love to hate. the german newspaper, bild reports that luc besson stated on the french television station , RTL, that he knows and likes roman polanski, but that justice should be the same for everyone. and mentions that he has a 13 year old girl.

the newspaper article points out that a free polanski petition has been signed by: woody allen (73), wim wenders (64), martin scorsese (66) und tom tykwer (44). all of these directors may end up on a short-list for a movie boycott.

roman polanski admitted to statutory rape. he confesed to druging and having sex with a 13 year old. could anything be clearer?

a man who has spent 30 years on the run –hiding in public in france, has accumulated mounds and mounds of cash, continued to direct films which were released in the u.s., one of which won an oscar. the question is not whether or not ‘rosemary’s baby’ is a classic, the question is why he was allowed to continue working in hollywood while still running from american authorities.

if the question is, ‘why now?’ perhaps the answer is, ‘why not?’


tom delay does the tango

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

this video brings back memories of the episode of ‘lone gunmen’ when melvin frohike did the tango in miami. except tom almost drops his dancing partner. which is too bad. click here to see delay’s moves.

andrew breitbart from (and formerly of the drudge report) recently said that conservatives should never have abandoned popular culture to the liberals. –wonder if he thinks this is the way to reclaim it by putting tom delay on ‘dancing with the stars.’ hopefully he won’t get voted off. despite his slip-up, which was partially due to his having injured his foot a few weeks ago while dancing (apparently), he still managed to tie for last place.

michelle obama confirms she's kinda fat

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

in prevention magazine, michelle obama, the first lady of the united states is quoted as saying ‘I love French fries, I like a good burger, and I like pie.’.

harvey weinstein wants the swiss to let polanski out

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

perhaps harvey weinstein, founder of miramax and co-owner of the weinstein company should’ve read this salon editorial prior to writing this screed. in the independent. in salon, and a previous article in the independent, they point out that 1.) roman polanski pled guity to drugging and raping a 13 year old girl.

jose luis rodriguez zapatero and his unfortunate goth daughters

Monday, September 28th, 2009

is that headline unfriendly? it’s sort of an unfortunate but true statement. well, now we know why he’s been hiding them. his poor children, not only do they have all the unfortunate physical characeristics of their parents –who individually are quite an attractive man and woman. but apparently this dna probably should’ve stayed separate.

barack and michelle obama with spain's prime minister jose luis rodriguez zapatero and family

barack and michelle obama with spain's prime minister jose luis rodriguez zapatero and family

photo courtesy of flickr.

pirate party wins 2% of vote in german election

Monday, September 28th, 2009

the pro-filesharing, anti-copyright pirate party has won 2% of the vote in the german national elections. according to der spiegel 13% of first time male voters voted for the pirate party.

germany center-left party loses 14 percent in berlin

Monday, September 28th, 2009

in the federal election in germany, the center left-party, the spd, lost 14 percentage points in the country’s capital, berlin. what does this mena for klaus wowereit, mayor of berlin, who had hoped to take over the party? last night, during his speech, frank walter-steinmeier asserted that he wanted to be the head of spd. according to germany’s bild zeitung, this will be determined during the december elections. the huge loss for the spd nationally is a legacy of the schroeder-fischer years when the spd and the green parties pushed through highly unpopular reforms. such as raising the retirement age from 65 to 67 and reforming the social welfare system. in berlin (which incidentally, is both a city and a state), the SPD is tied for second with the anti-capitalist party, die linke (the left party) and is 2 percentage points behind the CDU.

it would be a grave mistake for the spd to make wowereit, the partying mayor, head of their party. if you look at the numbers, it doesn’t really make any sense. considering the state of the capital, which has the highest unemployment of any city in germany and the biggest debt and that the party is now basically number 3 in the city wowereit heads. but perhaps his pending grab for party leadership is part of his attempt to become germany’s first gay head of state.

guido westerwelle germany's first gay foreign minister and vice chancellor

Monday, September 28th, 2009

should this be a headline? nobody else seems to be writing it. guido westerwelle, PhD, the head of the FDP party in germany will form a government with angela merkel’s CDU (which always partners with its sister party the bavaria based CSU party). the government will be a majority minority government, with the parties having won only 48% of the vote.

the FDP is essentially a pro-business, center-right, non-ideological party. which might be why many gay publications or the mainstream international media have not taken notice of him. he’s a pretty low-key guy whose primary focus is cutting taxes and bureaucracy and through that. making germany more business friendly. if all goes as usual, westerwelle will be vice chancellor and possibly also foreign minister of germany.

but what does this election mean? the center-right will form a government, the center-left party, the SPD is out and the election also saw the left party (die linke) led by gregor gysi and oskar lafontaine (aka, red oskar) put in their best showing since their formation in 2005, by soring past the 10% mark. the SPD had its worst showing since world war 2, having lost 11% of their voters since the 2005 election.

edit: we have found one paper, the financial times, which provides more detailed information (in english) about westerwelle.

swiss nab (almost) convicted pedophile roman polanski

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

roman polanksi got picked up by the swiss. the same man who continues to make films and even won an oscar a few years back have been wanted by the u.s. authorities since 1978.

of course, everyone knows where he’s been. i mean, he lives in paris, even i know that. but apparently, the u.s. doesn’t have an extradiction treaty with france.

mackenzie phillips vs. mick jagger

Friday, September 25th, 2009

hippie music has always made us sick but now we can no longer listen to ‘california dreamin’ without puking. mackenzie phillips has singlehandedly shut off her stepmom’s cash cow (read royalties). and now it’s mick jagger’s turn. think goodness he waited until she was 18. but the best quote about her one night stand with mick jagger is: ‘I’d known Mick since I was a kid, and maybe most people think their parents’ friends are old and gross…’ we’ll leave out the rest. yes, most kids do think their parents’ friends _are_icky. and most of their friends are you know, old old old. this gets filed under fritzel, incest, icky dippy hippy freaky mamas and the papas, and old-old-old.