the wall that is the wall street journal

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

the wall street journal used to be 100% behind an inclosed online wall. even in the initial phase of internet craziness, the wsj opted for a subscriber model. sometime in either the late 90s or early naughties, this model changed and now only a select number of articles are subscriber only. but surprise. if you google any random headline, you can read the article through the back door. the new york times used to have this same problem. whether or not the publishers were ever aware of it, who knows.

so what will happen of rupert murdoch gets his way and the drudge report won’t have any more of his high-quality newspapers to link to like <a href=" or the sun? is this what this emerging online war is about? putting matt drudge out of business? it was drudge who made murdoch’s uk rags internationally known. perhaps he should embrace this, as the daily telegraph has, and learn to use it to his advantage. if american newspapers opt for a cross the board subscriber only business model for their digital versions, american readers will continue reading the bbc, which provides superior coverage (usally) of american politics and social issues. and there’s always the newspapers in india, where a considerable number of newspapers (online) are published in english.


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