mackenzie phillips vs. mick jagger

Friday, September 25th, 2009

hippie music has always made us sick but now we can no longer listen to ‘california dreamin’ without puking. mackenzie phillips has singlehandedly shut off her stepmom’s cash cow (read royalties). and now it’s mick jagger’s turn. think goodness he waited until she was 18. but the best quote about her one night stand with mick jagger is: ‘I’d known Mick since I was a kid, and maybe most people think their parents’ friends are old and gross…’ we’ll leave out the rest. yes, most kids do think their parents’ friends _are_icky. and most of their friends are you know, old old old. this gets filed under fritzel, incest, icky dippy hippy freaky mamas and the papas, and old-old-old.

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