french director luc besson weighs in on roman polanski

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

americans love to slam the french, but in this case he’s in agreement with the country the french love to hate. the german newspaper, bild reports that luc besson stated on the french television station , RTL, that he knows and likes roman polanski, but that justice should be the same for everyone. and mentions that he has a 13 year old girl.

the newspaper article points out that a free polanski petition has been signed by: woody allen (73), wim wenders (64), martin scorsese (66) und tom tykwer (44). all of these directors may end up on a short-list for a movie boycott.

roman polanski admitted to statutory rape. he confesed to druging and having sex with a 13 year old. could anything be clearer?

a man who has spent 30 years on the run –hiding in public in france, has accumulated mounds and mounds of cash, continued to direct films which were released in the u.s., one of which won an oscar. the question is not whether or not ‘rosemary’s baby’ is a classic, the question is why he was allowed to continue working in hollywood while still running from american authorities.

if the question is, ‘why now?’ perhaps the answer is, ‘why not?’

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