guido westerwelle when in germany do as the germans do

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

a bbc reporter tried to ask guido westerwelle, head of germany’s pro-business FDP party and the man poised to become the first gay vice chancellor and foreign minster of germany, if he could ask him a question in english. westerwelle replied, ‘if you would be so kind, because this is a press conference in germany…. (bbc reporter speaks). please understand when we are in the uk, it is customary there that you, naturally, speak english, when we are in germany, here it is customary that we speak german.’ westerwelle does speak some english. aside from germany’s ex-foreign minister joschka fischer, who famously gave his anti-iraq speech at the UN in near flawless english, most german politicans shy away from speaking english on camera.

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