glamour magazine goes overboard

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

seems like glamour has put nude images of bridget jones and betty sanchez (aka ugly betty) in it’s new issue.

IMO, it is perfectly okay to use thin models in photoshoots. the designers are actually selling a dream. we all know MODE the zine for plus-sized people(not the ugly betty MODE), did not work out the first time around plz don’t morph glamour into something else.

one reality is, that catawalks shows are for showing off clothes. not showcasing the female body. and it’s probably cheaper to create something for naomi campbell as opposed to betty sanchez or someone like nikki reed.

another reality is, americans are the fattest people (on average) on the planet. the british and the germans continuously duke it out for the number 1 spot. and the french and the italians essentially (at the moment) get off scott free. america’s new surgeon general –the one whose supposed to tell kids to eat a nutrious breakfast everyday, work on fighting growing childhood obesity in the u.s. and keep americans from toking on cigarettes, isn’t exactly a role model for healthy living.


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