rupert murdoch versus google

Monday, November 16th, 2009

rupert murdoch is showing his age. the old guy wants to block google from indexing content in his newspapers. we say, dude. that’s easy. you don’t have to block anyone. just don’t add any metadata to your pages and google algorithim (or however you spell that) won’t be able to find you.

it’ll be like the times doesn’t exist. is this what the murdoch family really want? the world has changed. and well, people have been quoting from newspapers in term papers for ages. does murdoch also not want this information available to academics as well.

it’s true. the free model sucks for people trying to turn a quick billion slaving away at the helm of a multi-billion dollar media company. but ultimately, the problem isn’t that you can find murdoch’s stuff on google. the problem is that young people aren’t interested in buying newspapers and magazines. and the advertising model is broken.

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