newsweek's palin cover

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

no debate about sexism here. the real deal is that newsweek, according to runner’s world magazine the company that originally commissioned tthe photos, ran the photo without the magazine’s knowledge and more importantly, without their permission. is time-warner (or whatever the company is called now) shaking in their boots out of fear of rodale, the publisher of runner’s world?

according to the caption in the above link, the image was given to newsweek by the photographer’s stock agency. so this could lead to a question regarding rights and copyright. who owns the rights to these photos? yes, they were commissioned by runner’s world. but what sort of contract does the photographer have with the magazine? and what rights does the photographer’s stock agency have? and what photographer aside from annie lebovitz, who barely even owns her own stuff anymore (was she foreclosed or not?) has his (we prefer not to use the ‘his or her’ or ‘their’ construct that one finds on twitter) own stock agency?

and yes, given the context of the image and that it’s no longer inside the covers of a running magazine but prominently featured on the cover of a (cough cough) real news publication, it is quite interesting that the editors were hardpressed to find another cover image. or that christopher hitchens, sexist that he usually appears to be, was given the honors of writing a scathing screed on palin.


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