tiger woods pr alert

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

what can tiger woods do to salvage his career. well, considering that no level of controversy could diminish his talent, we’re talking about all those lucrative endorsements.

from what’s flying around the internet, apparently/allegedly tiger woods’ wife, the swedish former babysitter elin nordegren, went ghetto on him and went after him with a golf club.

the first round of reports released from news outlets was that tiger’s wife had smashed out the windows on his ford escalade to get him out following an accident. which sounded sort of noble. but people then you start to wonder how a small woman like that could drag someone tiger’s size out of a car all by herself. it is possilbe. but why go through the back windon and not the window on the passenger side?

according to abc news, an eyewitness who took photos at the scene of the crash there were 2 golf irons in the street and both backseat windows were broken.

photos on WFTV show tiger’s front passenger tire lodged in a tree with a golf cart and blanket right nearby.

so what advice would you give tiger woods? well, from a p.r. perspective this story could spin any old way. if this is what is really happening, it’s good that somebody on his team is leaking information to gossip sites about his wife having whooped him over the head, if that’s what actually happened. because otherwise the drunk driving/drug taking rumours would immediately start which in the long run would have a far damaging affect on his endorsements than a man who can benchpress 300 pounds (apx 150 kg) being beat up with a 9 iron by a former babysitter.

now tiger and his people better make sure he talks with the police today, otherwise it could look like he is guilty of something and in hiding. if he is trying to save his wife, we suggest he do an obama and throw her under the bus.

yes she just might walk away with millions, but certainly tiger has a prenuptual agreement. and since elin was merely a glorified nanny when he met her, the odds are that she’ll run through that cash in no times. no matter how many zeros are attached to it.

since tiger has declared himself a cabalasian (sp?) he can’t contact oprah or reach out to reverend al. he’ll have to contact the cabalasian community and try to get them behind him so he can repair his image that is fraying by the minute.

and that new image is soon to become: legendary golf star beat up by petite blond swedish woman welding a 9 iron.

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