the end of girlie men

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

here’s the thing. james cameron creates trends. like his using arnold schwarzennegger in the terminator in the early 80s ushered in the whole he-man action hero thing. and then his using leonardo dicaprio in titanic ushered in the era of the girlie men.

because filmmakers (most) are unoriginal in their thinking (jason reitman), are not visionaries (tarantino) and are just followers (happy to have a job). and so he’s the only one really whose got the power to decide, i don’t want any stars in my film, i want to create one. and then everyone else follows with similar looking guys. or the same guy.

and avatar killed spiderman. no matter what anyone thinks. which is why it will be a teen movie. because after such a visually perfect effects laden film, spiderman and those type of films look like g.i. joes playing with barbie in a playhouse. teenage girls are less demanding (see twilight).


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