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how can gordon brown fix bigotgate

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

barack obama made a similar gaffe in 2008 when he made an off handed remark about americans in flyover country. the only difference is that the british election is condensed into a 6 week period so how can gordon brown turn this whole thing around?

well, any minute now, brown, cameron and clegg will have their final debate. he could take this moment to confront the issue. or not.

a blog about whatever recommends that he doesn’t. he made his apology directly to the grandma. and he should push cameron or clegg to make their own gaffe. he should focus on beating up on cameron and on clegg. and since now he has nothing to lose brown should relax and play to his strengths which his intelligence and command of policy. but we’ll see how that goes.

over the next days, brown should revert back to the old fashioned way of campagining. he should hold a press conference every day and set the agenda. he should remind people about the 90s and how even now, despite the recession, that many brits are better off than the previously were.

this of course is not an endorsement of the labour party. omg no. it would be good if the labour voters who leave brown go for cameron, but it is possible that they will chose clegg, which would mean brown would still end up as prime minister. but if the conservatives can move past 40% all will be well in the uk.


cameron confirms avatar re-released this summer

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

the bbc reports that avatar will be re-released this summer. with 6 minutes of extra footage.

kick ass trailer

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

you can watch the trailer here

middle-age out of touch critics kick kick ass in the ass

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

kick ass is an instant cult classic. remember that before you watch this sexist review on at the movies.

why is it ok for tweenaged boys to swear but when it comes to girls, it is ‘shocking?’ we give chloe moretz a big thumbs up. she’s excellent in this film. and nicolas cage makes a comeback as big daddy. now, we will file chole moretz between chevy chase and chris buckley.

chloe moretz as hit girl

chloe moretz as the bad ass hit girl in kick ass

german girls dream of becoming secretaries or hairdressers

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

despite having a woman with a PhD in physics as the head of state, the average german girl (aka das maedchen) dreams of becoming a secretary, a sales clerk in department store or a hairdresser.

kelsey grammer launches new network

Monday, April 19th, 2010

kelsey grammer launches a conservative t.v. network this summer in the u.s. at the moment it is unclear as to whether or not arnold schwarzennegger, bruce willis, chuck norris, clint eastwood will be involved. according to yahoo (the always reliable website whose links disappear at the drop of a hat), comcast is not involved at this point. more information can be found here. we will now file kelsey’s name between keanu reeves and ken livingstone. because here on wordpress, it’s first names first and last names last.

will fernando torres miss the world cup?

Monday, April 19th, 2010

according to the bbc website, fernando torres, the darling of the spanish football team (that’s soccer to those of you who are from north america) is out with a knee injury. it would be a shame as he was such a joy to watch during the european championship and the last world cup.

does nick clegg deserve to be prime minister

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

with the way the british elections are done, it’s not so simple. although clegg may be at 30% at the moment and the tories at 33% but according to the london times, his party, the liberal democrats, would only have about 93 MPs to the conservative’s 239 and labour’s 287. which would give the uk at least 5 more years of labour hell.

obama nominee for supreme court justice failed california bar exam in 2005

Friday, April 16th, 2010

kathleen sullivan, professor and former dean of stanford law school, reportedly failed the california bar in 2005. it is unclear as to whether or not sullivan, who would be the first openly gay judge on the sparkly supreme court, failed the exam before, during or after her time at stanford law school. we could look this up, but we’re feeling a bit lazy at the moment. so not only does she not have experience as a judge, it took her 2 times (at least) to pass the bar.

gay supreme court nominee

Friday, April 16th, 2010

is this a legitimate headline? well, when sonia sotomayor was a leading candidate every article was about her being a latina. when george bush the elder nominated clarence thomas, every article at the time was about him being black. so why is that according to the washington post it is not fair game to mention that it is widely known with in the academic community, or at least according to one blogger it is, that elena kagan, from harvard (aka the woman who didn’t want the ROTC to recruit on harvard’s campus), is a lesbian. according to the washington post, most news organizations have a policy of not ‘outing’ public officials.

well if the argument is that there is a parallel between sexual orientation and race, we would argue that news organizations should refrain from EVER calling clarence thomas or obama black, referring to sonia sotomayor as a latina. and so on and so on. where’s the justice there. the real question is why is the obama administration even considering people such as kagan, and the governor of michigan who have never been judges and don’t have any kind of a paper trail. one could even go as far as to ask, why are ethnic minorities required to have attended one of the top 2 universities in the u.s. and have served as an appellate judge? is this the bush, ‘i was born with a silverspoon in my mouth, so there!’ double standard? we thought the democratic party was all about meritocracy. oh. my bad.