how al gore weakened the united states part 1 of many

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

it was the 2000 election between george dubya bush and al (indecisive) gore, the man who was so insecure he had to make bill clinton sign a contract promising to eat lunch with him once-a-week while clinton was president.

the man, who has become the hero of the ‘what if al had won’ in 2000, is arguably the man one could finger for what happened between 2000 and the present, including (indirectly) 9-11. when he and his running mate refused to accept the results of the 2000 election, pinpointing fault with vote counting in florida and which lead to the famous phrase ‘diving the intention of the voter,’ left the u.s. looking weak, dividided, and like a third world country. the endless voting counting made florida seniors and minorities living in strong democratic strong holds look like fools when gore and liberman insisted that there be a re-count of florida –of all the demcratic leaning voting districts, as opposed to the whole state. because well, apparently according to al gore in 2000, white republicans know how to stick a pointy object through a thin piece of papers but white and black democrats don’t understand the process. (end of part 1)

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