the americans let oprah pick their president hopefully she won't have any say in the UK election

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

oprah winfrey, who claims her television show is available worldwide, although it doesn’t play in any of the german speaking countries in europe, selected barack obama as the u.s. president in 2007 and stumped for him in 2008. oprah, while known on uk television, is no jonathan ross. in fact jonathan ross is no jonathan ross either. but she’s also definitely no gavin esler.

the long and the short of this is, that gordon (i have a PhD) brown and james cameron –i mean, david cameron, will debate each other tonight. it is apparently the first televised debate in the uk between two humans vying to be prime minister. unfortunately for brown, cameron has better public speaking skills. and he would put barack obama to shame as he’s able to memorize his speeches and doesn’t need a telepromter in order to speak to the british people.


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