gay supreme court nominee

Friday, April 16th, 2010

is this a legitimate headline? well, when sonia sotomayor was a leading candidate every article was about her being a latina. when george bush the elder nominated clarence thomas, every article at the time was about him being black. so why is that according to the washington post it is not fair game to mention that it is widely known with in the academic community, or at least according to one blogger it is, that elena kagan, from harvard (aka the woman who didn’t want the ROTC to recruit on harvard’s campus), is a lesbian. according to the washington post, most news organizations have a policy of not ‘outing’ public officials.

well if the argument is that there is a parallel between sexual orientation and race, we would argue that news organizations should refrain from EVER calling clarence thomas or obama black, referring to sonia sotomayor as a latina. and so on and so on. where’s the justice there. the real question is why is the obama administration even considering people such as kagan, and the governor of michigan who have never been judges and don’t have any kind of a paper trail. one could even go as far as to ask, why are ethnic minorities required to have attended one of the top 2 universities in the u.s. and have served as an appellate judge? is this the bush, ‘i was born with a silverspoon in my mouth, so there!’ double standard? we thought the democratic party was all about meritocracy. oh. my bad.


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