elena kagan unqualified supreme court nominee

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

elena kagan, who might be u.s. prez barack obama’s supreme court nominee has never been a judge, argued her first case in court last year as solicitor general of the white house, work as an advisor to goldman sachs, and according to mother jones: ‘Somehow, Kagan got tenure at Chicago in 1995 on the basis of a single article in The Supreme Court Review — a scholarly journal edited by Chicago’s own faculty — and a short essay in the school’s law review.’

the mother jones journalist goes on to point out that in his/her opinion if obama feels the need to chose another woman he should chose the protestant diane wood who has a paper trail that includes writings and rulings on roe vs. wade. while kagan has only written maybe 3 articles between when she became a law professor at the university of chicago to when she became dean of harvard law school.

will she be confirmed? between the rumours about whether or not she has ever let a man get a leg over her, her never having been a judge, and her having tried to prohibit the military from recruiting at harvard, well…it sort of seems like the obama administration is throwing multiple demographic groups a bone, including those presently enrolled in obesity anonymous, while marching kagan to the lions. we think obama will end up nominating a man. this of course does not mean kagan isn’t smart. although everyone in the world has heard about ivy league grade inflation.

but in the end it could be elena kagan’s ties to goldman sachs that hurt her most. you know, the bank that sold its customers financial products created for them by a hedge fund and the hedgefund then bet against these products and made loads of money

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