germany wins 4 zero

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

germany has won its first game of the world coup.germany beat australia into submission by beating them 4 to 0. to be honest, this isn’t really australia’s game in the way that it’s not USA’s either. so they’re lucky the score ended up like that of a hockey game as opposed to a basketball game.

looks like michael ballack’s injury from 2 weeks ago (which has coincided with his chelsea contract not being renewed) has actually been good luck for germany’s national football team. phillip lahm, the young sprightly bavarian, who has assumed ballack’s role as captain, was the one bright star in the mess that was euro 2004 when he was but 19 years old.

earlier in the day ghana prevailed over serbia, winning 1 to 0 due to a serbian player’s desperate attempt to replicate diego maradona’s hand-of-god play.


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