rolling stone undermining the troops?

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

it’s safe to say the members of the u.s. military will most likely be cancelling their subscriptions to rollingstone magazine. michael hastings, journalist with the aging zine run by jan wenner and his boyfriend (as is the upstanding usweekly), defends himself against the bbc’s accusation that his article has directly resulted to ending the 20 year long career of general mcchrystal, a 4 star general. since the obama administration cares more about p.r. than persumably about winning the war, the ditherer in chief actually just made the decisive decision to accept mccrhystal’s resignation. remember, mcchrystal resigned. he was not fired or kicked out of the miliatry. in this audio interview with the bbc, hastings denies that any ground rules were set for his interview. do you believe him? seems to be standard issue especially in terms of security during a war. but it is funny that some members of the u.s. military refer to joe biden as joe ‘bite me.’

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