the curse of the nike ad

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

robinho, cristiano ronaldo, drogba, ribery and wayne rooney (amongst others) all prominently appear in the much chatted about nike commercial (that currently has more than 18M views on youtube). all 4 players under performed and were sent packing early during the 2010 world cup in south africa. out of the posse, robinho played well, but cristino ronaldo and drogba only managed to score 1 goal while wayne rooney came up cold. but apparently the curse extends beyond the ‘fight the future’ nike commerical, as lionel messi failed to score one goal during this world cup. confirms that with roger federer’s ouster from wimbledon that the curse has spread and is perhaps essentially virtually complete. and since many members of spain’s national team are in this advert (minus fernando torres, we might note although he has as yet to score a goal either in the WC), this might mean that germany could be marching into the finals against either uruguay or the netherlands.


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