germany versus uruguay

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

does anyone really care that germany beat uruguay 3:2 to win yet another 3rd place word cup metal. well, the upside is that the players actually get to keep their awards. while if they had actually won the tournament come july 2011, they’d have to return their solid gold stature.

this time around, trainer jogi loew did not get caught on camera picking his nose and eatting the contents. miloslav klose had to sit out the game because according to one site, he had a back injury, but according to another website, he was sick. so unless loew wheels the old guy out in 2014 to score one last goal, klose will have to make do with having been the co-second most scorer in world cup history, behind brazil’s ronaldo.

after germany defeated uruguay, diego forlan‘s name started trending on twitter. the striker for uruguay had been asked to return to england to play in the premiere league. during his time with manchester united, it took him something like 27 games to score a goal and has had a stunning reversal of fortune since he was sold off to a spain-based team.

floran is one of many players who has embraced social networking. he currenly has almost 250K followers on twitter. and has spent the past 5 weeks uploading his video diary to his official youtube page ( well, we doubt he is phyiscally doing it himself considering most people over the age of 30 are essentially technologically challenged. even men. but then again, youtube is pretty idiot proof.

here’s a video of uruguay’s hotel staff congratulating uruguay on advancing in the tournament:

here’s a video of the uruguay team celebrating their quarter-final win.

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