the curse of michael ballack

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

we’ll start by saying, michael ballack gets hurt, chelsea wins the premiere league. the same injury keeps ballack out of the world cup, germany sails (almost effortlessly) through to the semi-finals. ballack turns up in south africa for the argentina game. 4 days later germany loses miserably to spain. who control the ball for 90% of the game versus germany’s 10%. so apparently it takes a good 3- 4 days before the curse sets in.

update: ok. maybe the curse doesn’t exist. ballack wasn’t around for the semi finals. he left 2 days after the argentina game. and this in spiegel notes, regarding ballack, after the germany national team lost to spain in the semi-finals of the world cup: ‘Ballack was on everyone’s mind once again. Someone said that the Germans also need a player who’s capable of kicking somebody once in a while.’


One comment on “the curse of michael ballack

  1. oasis says:

    Spain very good when ball in control.He best 1 in world soocer team have ball control.

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