germany’s gay national football team

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

well, apparently there’s a reason why they’re called the deutsche nationalmannschaft. according to the magazine der spiegel, michael ballack’s agent mentioned that there are loads of the new players on the national team who are gay. since we imagine most of you don’t read german, we’ll refer you to the english language edition of this story. you can find the original story in because we can’t find the der spiegel article. but apparently this only applies to some of the newer members of the team. so we would imagine this means the straight ones include schweinsteiger, ballack, lahm, jansen, gomez, friederich, mertasacker, podolski, and klose. oezil just announced his engagement to a female, so that rules him out. philipp lahm got married 2 days ago, so that confirms that. and mueller got married last year to a girl he’d been with for ages. i mean, when you’re 20, how long is ages?

update: you can find the original der spiegel article here in english. the best part of the article, if you can make it through it says, ‘The South African newspapers referred to the German machine that defeated England and then Argentina. But it didn’t sound disparaging. The German machine was no longer a steam engine or a bulldozer, but more like a sewing machine….’


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