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u.s. government looking for hip hop linguist

Friday, August 27th, 2010

is ebonics a language. we would say no. it’s a dialect. like hillbilly english. but you won’t find an expert on hillbilly english, white trash culture and country music at an ivy league school. but you will find a professor of ebonics and hip hop at stanford university.

and americans wonder about how america can compete in the world? or why black unemployment in many cities in the u.s. stands at around 25%.


why the new york times sucks

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

how many different political satements can you find in this seemingly innocent article on twenty-somethings and arrested development. from the anti-traditional marriage stance to the bill reilly was wrong, it’s ok to be a single parent bit. it’s like a drive-by with plastic bullets. or ones of made of 0s and 1s.

oezil to real madrid for 15 million euros

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

mesut oezil who plays for the german national team and for werder bremen in bremen, germany is transferring to real madrid for 15 million euros ona 6 year contract. you can read the original article here. he joins sami khedira, his team mate from germany’s national football team who has also transfered to real madrid.

abortion versus gay marriage in america

Friday, August 13th, 2010

this post isn’t really about either. the question is, why is it that had a female judge ruled last week that abortion were legal (or illegal) in the united states or any singular state, the u.s. media would be all a chatter (dare i say a-twitter) about the fact that a woman –a woman! had decided the case. a gay male judge has ruled that not allowing gay marriage is unconstitutional in the state of california. this news item has been routinely ignored by the american media. it took the economist –the economist a uk rag about ECONOMICS to post that btw, the judge is gay –in parentheses, no less. no wonder americans all read uk newspapers. isn’t this a historical something-or-nother. and had the people who put up the funds to fight the proposition had known, do you think they had saved their money? questions for historians. unless they decide to ignore this tidbit of history. well, lets hope that some of these historians double majored in ECONOMICS. 🙂

did you know that the guardian is the second most read english language newspaper in the world. and that it comes from a country with around 65M people (or something like that. might be more like 60M but can’t be bothered to look this up at the moment), while the u.s. has over 300M?

the guardian uses protracted recession and depression in the same sentence

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

the economic gloom in the uk looks like it goes on. and in the u.s. in atlanta, georgia, 30,000 people turned up just for an application to put themselves on what could be an 8 year waiting list for subsidized housing for the poor.not that both of this information is directly related. but it just proves that things are suckie outside of the uk too. the 24 hour u.s. cable news channel, cnbc has also started tossing the ‘d’ word around.

on fire jet blue ex-employee becomes folk hero?

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

should anyone praise a guy who works in the service industry (the part of which where you have to actually directly interact with potentially nasty people) who had a royal meltdown not unlike princess diana when she was caught on camera shedding a manipulative random tear for her failing relationship with prince charles? so allegedly the guy freaked out, cursed out a passenger and then repeated his profanity on mic for all passengers to hear. grabbed a few beers, opened the emergency exit and made a beeline to his car and to his house in a lowly part of some burb of manhattan.

ex-jet blue employee?

do we care? if he were the near east as opposed to a white gay guy, would people be freaking out? would the passengers have thought he was dangerous? would newspapers have written about his being a potential security threat? well. now we just see an endless round of praise for the wacko.

steven slater, whose myspace page declares he’s ‘off to see the wizard,’ notes that he is gay, that his iPod is filled with cheeseball music like ‘cheesy disco trash and sappy big hair metal ballads’ as well as new edition.

steve slater ex-jet blue employee? myspace page

obama versus george dubya bush

Friday, August 6th, 2010

why is it that all the women in the obama white house are overweight and manly looking. and the women in the bush white house were mostly these pretty petite women? i mean, dana perino was hot. elena kagan is so not. is michelle obama really that insecure?

film starring carey mulligan, andrew garfield and keira knightley set to open london film festival

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

someone just forwarded us a spam press release asking everyone not to post this until midnight. but midnight where? midnight aussie time? midnight tokyo time? or midnight cet time? midnight gmt? midnight los angeles time? the film, called never let me go, is based on a novel by kazuo ishiguro ,whose written a bunch of weepy novels. not sure if this one is too.