on fire jet blue ex-employee becomes folk hero?

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

should anyone praise a guy who works in the service industry (the part of which where you have to actually directly interact with potentially nasty people) who had a royal meltdown not unlike princess diana when she was caught on camera shedding a manipulative random tear for her failing relationship with prince charles? so allegedly the guy freaked out, cursed out a passenger and then repeated his profanity on mic for all passengers to hear. grabbed a few beers, opened the emergency exit and made a beeline to his car and to his house in a lowly part of some burb of manhattan.

ex-jet blue employee?

do we care? if he were the near east as opposed to a white gay guy, would people be freaking out? would the passengers have thought he was dangerous? would newspapers have written about his being a potential security threat? well. now we just see an endless round of praise for the wacko.

steven slater, whose myspace page declares he’s ‘off to see the wizard,’ notes that he is gay, that his iPod is filled with cheeseball music like ‘cheesy disco trash and sappy big hair metal ballads’ as well as new edition.

steve slater ex-jet blue employee? myspace page

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