is the video store going the way of the record store?

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

last week, blockbuster video in the u.s. filed for bankruptcy. according to the wall street journal, hollywood video was liquidated earlier this year.

there was a time when you could walk into a mom n’ pop record store and feel like you were amongst your people. i never really got that impression from video stores. i always felt like i was among a bunch of geeks who couldn’t get a job working in the mail room at a film studio.

walking around london, one would be hardpressed to locate a record –i mean, music store. they just barely exist. it’s okay if everything goes digital. it’s nice to not have so much crap in one’s home. but the interaction between people –face-to-face has been lost. and for those who live in big cities, in which ironically, people, surrounded by tons of people, feel more isolated than those living in small villages, this feeling of isolation will continue on its upward trajectory -or should i say downward?

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