has google found a way to lock out women and minorities?

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

according to anonymous sources, google won’t even look at a resume by anyone who doesn’t have a computer science degree. yes, the elephant in the room is that women and minorities in the u.s. end to study computer science in smaller numbers than guys. –and that goes for women worldwide. so is this just another way to prop up the old boys club?


5 comments on “has google found a way to lock out women and minorities?

  1. GerryB says:

    Seriously? You’re really serious that this is a point? That it’s a conspiracy that a company based entirely in a world of computer science wants people qualified in precisely that? Are you off your gourd? REALLY?

    To say this is a way to prop up the old boys’ club is tantamount to saying dolls prams are fattist because the modbidly obese can’t fit in them. PLEASE use your brain for something else.

    • whatever says:

      gerry, do you work for google? you’ve got a gmail address. HP is a company based in a world of computers and it had a female CEO without a computer science degree. eBay is another innovative web company whose first CEO was a woman sans computer science degree. computer science geeks (and we say that lovingly) used to run the IT/backend store now they’re front and center. perhaps this is not always a good idea as bill gates found out when the u.s. govt tried to take ‘his’ company away from him.

      • GerryB says:

        If I worked for Google I’d probably have a google address, wouldn’t I. HP is a company with more real-world products and supply chain dynamics and the rest; ebay I don’t really have any experience with, and your pulling Bill Gates into the picture is simply baffling.

        The point remains that Google’s stock in trade is the quasi-ethereal world of computational mathematics. A gate pass to this company would quite reasonably seem to be an understanding of this world, whether the position is one of programmer or human resources.

        They choose to include the best and best qualified people for the job – what company wouldn’t? If the world of IT is less attractive to women, why not take it up with the education system, or parents, or start a program to encourage more women into IT?

        No, it’s all Google’s fault.

        Shame on you.

    • whatever says:

      gmail is owned by google.

      some of the best computer science people are hackers who have never attended school.

      also neither bill gates, mark zuckerberg, nor steve jobs have computer science degrees. hell, they never even finished college.

      • GerryB says:

        Fair points all, though tied together under such specious auspices they add up to a whole soup of air on the empty spoon of your conspiracy.

        But good luck with convincing the world. Plenty of idiots out there to agree with you.

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