ipad versus newspapers and magazines

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

thought about using the headline ‘iPad vs. the media’ or ‘iPad vs. publishing’ but settled for newspapers and magazines. the iPad is great for reading books –if you can actually find one you want to read in the iBooks store.

when you initially venture to the iBook store, you are given a complimentary copy of ‘winnie the pooh.’ you can use it to practice flipping pages digitally, book marking stuff, changing fonts and so on.

as stated, the iPad is great for reading books. thus far we’ve failed to find one magazine that takes advantage of the flipping through the book experience. the app ‘vogue paris’ which really should be called ‘paris vouge’ along with german vogue are undoubtedly the worst offenders. the iPad versions are essentially glorified PDFs. as we weren’t prepared to splurge and spend upwards of 3.99 for an app, when we can purchase risk for 2.39, we did not have access to the video content.

but electronic video content is neither groundbreaking nor new. and as finely stated in this l.a. times article in the comment section at the bottom, why pay for an app that looks just like another version of the free website.


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