michael sontag berlin fashion week

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

it took us a while to find this location. we used ‘stadplan berlin’ to find a map to romanische hof –since this event wasn’t at the main tent on bebelplatz. well stadtplan berlin sorta sucks. we rode our bicycles (yes, bicycles) down unter den linden to the brandenburg gate. no luck. then we asked the doormen (yes, men, not doorman) how to find this place. they had no idea. we somehow managed to track down one of those roving mercedes benz’s connected with fashion week. the dudes were kind enough to point out that the building was directly across from the tent on bebelplatz. our bad.

the sontag show was more like an installation. the models stood like waxed dummies for about an hour and you could move around the periphery taking photographs.

one video guy was way into the models. i mean, we all know that with digital video you can stand in the back of the room and get a really amazing close up. but it seems with this guy, in order to get the full effect, he had to basically videotape the model’s asses from up close.

will post photos soon.


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