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now we understand cristano ronaldo

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

portugal, which the wall street journal reports as having a population whereby 28% have a high school education, looks headed to brussels look for a bit of cash, following on the heels of greece and ireland. is spain next?


the fixers by ej fleming

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

just finished reading the fixers by e.j. fleming about the early days of the mgm studio. the book, which partially inspired the film hollywoodland, ends with the mysterious death of george (superman) reeves.

npr exec lived in whitest place in america?

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

ronald j. schiller, is no longer the happiest man at npr pulling in a six figure salary and living in luxury in aspen colorado with his boyfriend and commuting to washington dc

earlier this week a video was posted showing ronald schiller having a barack obama moment by referring to people in flyover country as poorly educated gun crazed low income white people who weren’t smart enough to attend an ivy league school like he did. –well, he didn’t exactly use those words. and obama never derided whitey.

but unfortunately, one thing ron schiller forgot was that those NRA-loving folk who are only smart enough to work part-time at mcdonalds help (ed) pay his 6 figure salary and plush life in one of the whitest cities in america.

aspen colorado is 94.6% white. there are 363 latinos, 26 blacks, 14 native americans and about 86 asians –we’re assuming one of the later is rupert murdoch’s wife.

is charlie sheen #winning?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

and can you put a hash mark in a wordpress link? now that carlos irwin estevez has officially been fired from 2 1/2 men –the show about his life, there are many questions to be asked. what will become of sheen? and more importantly what will become of jon cryer? aka ducky? will he go the way of ally sheedy, molly ringwald and all those other john hughes rejects?

and now back to charlie sheen. whose reportedly in bed with concert promoter/marketing company Live Nation. and may have a talkshow or reality show on the way. can he plug the 43M dollar a year hole in his wallet? we shall see.

marine le pen comes out on top in france opinion poll

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

marine le pen, the head of france’s far right nationalistic part, the front, came out ahead of nicholas sarkozy, the current president of france and the head of the socialist party in an opinion poll, the bbc reports. marine le pen lead sarkozy by 2 percentage points.

france versus iran?

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

it is the 21st century. and while voices around the world are justified in their outrage about what galliano allegedly said in a drunken (alcoholic?) stupor in the trendy marsais district of paris (where this particular blogger has purchased many a lovely handbags), should the question of the moment be why does a so-called (dare we say allegedly) developed country in the west have laws on the books that are no different from sharia (sp?) laws and those of iran?

should dior have fired galliano? if asked in a crowded room of fashionisats, the overwhelming answer would be ‘yes.’ it was in the best short-term and long-term interest of dior. for one thing, asia is a huge market for LVMH —lest we forget that galliano also made vile comments about asians.

the question of the moment is should john galliano go to prison for 6 months? and what exactly are the guidelines regarding offensive speech in france? is it based on the p.o.v. or the cultural background of the person you’re speaking with? is it context? and can you get away with it if you’re dressed like a clown in an allegedly funny hat? or are you more likely to be convicted if you are dressed this way (google john galliano+france+funny hat).

is the u.s. and (sometimes) the netherlands and bits of countries scattered throughout the world minus china, the only places left in the world where you can ‘go off’ on people without fear of imprisonment? as we understand it, in hip-hop lingo and according to the urban dictionary, ‘going off’ means: ‘to carry on like a fuckwit because you’re angry.

dior makes galliano byte the big one

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

galliano is out. no longer suspended. what will become of him? what will become of dior? does this confirm that no one is expendable? now the man will suddenly discover who his real (or fake) fashionista friends are.

john galliano implodes

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

john galliano, the designer behind christian dior is in deep water. franca sozzani, editor of vogue since the late 80s, weighs in on galliano’s suspension.

in the comment section of the daily telegraph (see link above) you can also find this response to franca sozzani’s declaration that it would be a pity if galliano were let go. but you have to watch the whole video (again, see link above) because sozzani is NOT expressing sympathy for him but for the fashion house christian dior.

an anonymous commentor on the daily telegraph website responds:

Why would this a pity? The pity is that women have their clothes designed by men who do not like or fancy women and dress them as 12 year old boys. No hips, no tits, no womanly shape. His drunken outburst is just a symptom of the business with all it’s god-making and worship of capitalism.