france versus iran?

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

it is the 21st century. and while voices around the world are justified in their outrage about what galliano allegedly said in a drunken (alcoholic?) stupor in the trendy marsais district of paris (where this particular blogger has purchased many a lovely handbags), should the question of the moment be why does a so-called (dare we say allegedly) developed country in the west have laws on the books that are no different from sharia (sp?) laws and those of iran?

should dior have fired galliano? if asked in a crowded room of fashionisats, the overwhelming answer would be ‘yes.’ it was in the best short-term and long-term interest of dior. for one thing, asia is a huge market for LVMH —lest we forget that galliano also made vile comments about asians.

the question of the moment is should john galliano go to prison for 6 months? and what exactly are the guidelines regarding offensive speech in france? is it based on the p.o.v. or the cultural background of the person you’re speaking with? is it context? and can you get away with it if you’re dressed like a clown in an allegedly funny hat? or are you more likely to be convicted if you are dressed this way (google john galliano+france+funny hat).

is the u.s. and (sometimes) the netherlands and bits of countries scattered throughout the world minus china, the only places left in the world where you can ‘go off’ on people without fear of imprisonment? as we understand it, in hip-hop lingo and according to the urban dictionary, ‘going off’ means: ‘to carry on like a fuckwit because you’re angry.

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