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financial times gets it wrong

Monday, July 25th, 2011

in an article that appeared today on the website, the journalists quote a source as saying that the old neo-nazis were pro-israel. financialtimes. we hardly think that old new neonazis dead or alive are or have ever been pro-israel.


oslo killer anders behring breivik’s manifesto

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

olso killer anders behring breivik wrote a 1,500 manifesto. you can find it here. but as the site writes, the manifesto is in english. so perhaps it is a hoax?

apparently it’s real. and you can download it here2083AEuropeanDeclarationofIndependence. it is of course the crazy rantings of a madman. but as we know from last century and the book meinkampf. we shouldn’t brush over such things and ignore them.

amy winehouse dead

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

singer amy winehouse has been found dead in london, the new york times reports. now it’s the main story on the drudge report with a link to the associated press. but we don’t link to ap stories here. they’re like the blogger police. it’s also on the daily mail website clocking in with 813 comments.

lazy journalism and the oslo massacre

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

how did the media jump from speculating whether or not the culprit of the oslo masscre was one of osama’s boyz to later thinking the dude that was picked up after offing a bunch of nordic teenagers was a right wing extremeist to now, calling the poster boy for aryan youth a christian fundamentalist–as he’s being labeled by the ultra p.c. nytimes.

rebekah brooks former ceo news international arrested

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

breitbart is reporting that rebekah brooks, who headed news international in the uk has been arrested. it’s always the woman or the black guy who takes the fall, innen-it?

news corp fights for life?

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

last week, news of the world, a 168 year old newspaper was closed down due to a phone hacking scandal the roots of which date back to 2007. the question now is, why after 4 years is this becoming an international issue?

under pressure, rupert murdoch withdrew his bid for the remainder of bskyb he doesn’t already own. and there are unconfirmed rumours that he might sell off his newspapers in the uk.

the guardian newspaper –always a reliable source, is running a story today which claims elisabeth murdoch, who once was heir to the throne controlled by her father, reportedly said that her brother james murdoch fucked the company.

u.s. newspapers are reporting that the fbi and/or the justice department want to investigate whether or not the phones of 9/11 victims were hacked too. which seems unlikely. although we never closely followed news of the world, we actually prefer other tabloids such as the weekly world news, the national enquirer, us weekly, bild zeitung, 20minuten and the daily mail. but if we had been, we suspect that the 9/11 hacking claim is baseless. but we have no real info about this. and even the washington post questions the allegation.

but it is curious that news corporation, which owns fox news in the u.s.–one of the few conservative media companies in the states and one of the few news organizations that dares to criticize the obama administration, might implode prior to the 2012 presidential election.

this implosion started with the firing of glenn beck–the populist, whose popular talk-television news program was recently axed by the network. beck, who started the 9/12 club, and is a favorite with the tea party movement, had a huge following and managed to scare up a couple of million folks for a ‘take back america’ rally last year in washington d.c.

let the conspiracy theories begin.

mercedes-benz berlin fashion week final day david tomaszewski

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

it’s great that designers like dawid tomaszewski are pushing the envelope by playing with imagery and developing distinctive ways to showcase their clothes.

david tomaszewski at the studio presentation during berlin fashion week

dawid tomaszewski at the studio presentation berlin fashion week

day 3 berlin fashion week richard kravetz

Friday, July 8th, 2011

the anja gockel fashion show kicked off the morning–which unfortunately we missed.later this afternoon vogue hosted its annual salon at the hotel de rome. we entertained the notion of attending the fashion blogger cafe but the show room was way out in treptow which just sounded like too long of a hike.

karl lagerfeld coca cola bottles on display at berlin fashion week

a few hours ago we did a drive by of the richard kravetz presentation. his spring/summer 2012 collection is on disply for about 30 more minutes in the touristy hackescher markt area of berlin. the intial impression of the presentation was yes, the clothes are classic with a late 50s/early 60s influence that would’ve made anne sexton’s day back in the day. and that perhaps kravetz is obsessed with primary colours. but that’s not a bad thing.

at 6pm-ish we made our way to mitte’s mail gallery strip for the Konk Pop-up Store cocktail party. i have to say, we loved the Konk Pop-up Store event. it was on a small side street in the middle of the main gallery strip in mitte. just across the way was an old dance parlor straight out of the 1920s which now also doubles as a restaurant. and the eigen+art gallery which represents some of the best painters in germany like neo rauch. later we’ll add photos. –not of eigen+art, but of the event.

so what about the clothes? well, the t-shirts were funky in a good way. the dresses featured colourful prints. this season seems to be all about colour. which is completely acceptable.

berlin fashion week day 4 pro-john galliano demonstration

Friday, July 8th, 2011

there was a pro-john galliano demonstration this afternoon in front of the berlin fashion week tent. a low key bunch of about 5 or 6 people in black leather, white t-shirts and loads of pink lipstick tried to approach the building but was turned away by security.

pro john galliano demonstration in berlin

later we’ll upload better fotos.

green show room berlin fashion week day 3

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

day three of berlin fashion week is still underway. the day kicked off with the maxi fashion breakfast followed by the schumacher runway show. we were very much smitten with the greenshow room salon show. this yearly eco-event (now in its 4th year) takes place at the adlon hotel. which normally is a bit of hike in the summer from bebelplatz down towards the brandenburg gate. but this year, since fashion week has moved back to it’s original location, it’s the perfect off-site spot for an event.

the salon show launched with a nod to the 40s.–lots of shoulder pads and well defined lines along with high waisted skirts and buttons that would’ve made wilhelmina slater‘s eyes pop if she were still around.

greenshow room salon show berlin fashion week spring/summer 2012