germany’s pirate party enters state parliament

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

last sunday germany’s pirate party, launched in 2006, entered their first state parliament with almost 9% of the vote and with 15 seats. in a state that has 149 seats–this means the pirates have 10% of the the votes in parliament an impressive sum.

this is not a joke party, contrary to what the english speaking media has been writing (since most can only read german with the help of google and yahoo babelfish).

pirates celebrate win in berlin

the pirate party was launched in sweden from the ashes of the filesharing website the pirate bay. a few years back the swedish version of the party picked up its first seat in the european parliament but failed to enter the swedish government.

the germany version of the party focuses on issues close to the heart of libertarians such as data protection and privacy. over the years, they have expanded their platform to include the push for universal access to the internet (aka, free wifi–which exists in sweden), a minimum wage (which germany does not presently have –except in some industries such as construction) as well as education reforms for public schools.

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