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3rd x-files movie

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

will there be a third x-files film? the last film ‘i want to believe’ bombed at the box office. but some fans are holding out hope. december 22, 2012 is an important date on both the myan calendar and in the x-files mythology.

but the question is does the x-files have the staying power of say star trek? star trek was only on for 3 years (initially) and then it was cancelled. while the x-files was on for 9 years.

the show, much beloved by fans, spawned one successful feature film. but 2008’s ‘i want to believe’ was a dogget of a film, that quickly faded at the box office.

so where are the fans now? dispersed across the internet. hanging out in forums. meeting up at star trek stammtisches. but why did they avoid the last film?

some say it’s because the film sucked. i’m on board for that one. others say it’s because david duchovny and gillian anderson should be permanently confined to the little screen (aka your TV) and not the big one.

but the fans are there. they’re just a bit older. maybe a re-release of the series on blu-ray might get people going.

but rumors abound that putting this series out on blu-ray, which apparently ended prior to fox switching to HD might be a dog of a nightmare. maybe all the effects will have to be fixed. and some computer genius is going to have to work wonders on the SD masters as someone online recently posted because although the series was shot on film, it’s been archived on SD :-(.

gillian anderson leaving the donmar theatre in london following her appearance in 'a doll's house'


steven jobs the most famous arab in the world died a few weeks back

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

that’s a variation of the headline from the international business times on steven jobs, whose real father is syrian.

spock gay star trek reboot doomed

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

zachery quinto who took over for leonard nimoy to play the iconic role of spock in the star trek reboots directed and produced by j.j. (the hack) abrams has declared himself gay-gay-gay. how will this affect the next star trek film which still does not have a releae date–although it was supposed to be released in movie theatres in 2012?

well we know that the overwhelming majority of trekkies are male geeks. science nerds in particular. what would these dudes think if it came out that fox mulder was played by a homosexual and all those longing looks at dana scully were actually directed towards a.d. skinner?

who are the occupy wall streeters and is their gripe valid

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

we took the time to gaze deeply at the official occupy wall street website. and we’ve decided that the dude or dudette who authored the homepage neither works in financial services nor studied economics. but he or she was seemingly a social sciences major from some leafy liberal arts college on the east coast.

first, we’d like to know how the organization was able to finagle a .org address. and since they are supposedly anti-capitalists, why are they asking for donations? or is that a sign of anti-capitalists and socialists, that everyone else is expected to work and pay taxes? all cynicism aside let’s pick one of their arguments apart. that neoliberalism has destroyed the economies of spain and greece.

the spanish economy (like that of california) is built on real estate and tourism. tourism took a bit of a hit in 2008 because everyone in europe felt less well off. but that’s bounced back a bit. but tourism only makes owners rich. –like hotel owners or shop owners. but it only creates low level service jobs like cashier and tour guide, which tend to pay poorly.

like ireland, the spanish people bought a lot of property they couldn’t afford. but unlike ireland, for a while this was OK because people around the world were keen on buying houses and apartments in the warm country.

but this lead to a property boom which benefited construction companies, construction workers (hired by construction companies), concrete makers, and persumably all the way down to the local cabinet maker. and when the property boom went bust, everything caved in with it.

the problems in the u.s. are somewhat more complex. yes there are mortgages and real estate involved. but the u.s. economy (minus california’s) has never completely revolved around real estate. it’s actually more diverse.

the u.s.’s non-recovery has more to do with small business owners being spooked about the future. the future that is the healthcare law that u.s. president obama signed into law last year.