spock gay star trek reboot doomed

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

zachery quinto who took over for leonard nimoy to play the iconic role of spock in the star trek reboots directed and produced by j.j. (the hack) abrams has declared himself gay-gay-gay. how will this affect the next star trek film which still does not have a releae date–although it was supposed to be released in movie theatres in 2012?

well we know that the overwhelming majority of trekkies are male geeks. science nerds in particular. what would these dudes think if it came out that fox mulder was played by a homosexual and all those longing looks at dana scully were actually directed towards a.d. skinner?


One comment on “spock gay star trek reboot doomed

  1. Foods says:

    It won’t look good. It’s funny how many movies are directed at fanboys who love explosions, girls and comic books by liberal directors. These directors throw in moral clarity, liberal guilt and admonitions of capitalism. All This is lost on the fan boys. Fan boys unite! Boycott Star Treck: the JJ gay Enterprise

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