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watch gop tonight jan 14 on fox with mike huckabee

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

republican debate tonight on fox. you can watch the full debate here on fox news. and an archive of the full debate here.


romney p.r. 911 connecting with voters.

Friday, January 13th, 2012

“This is Romney: He knows what is wrong with a car engine, and he knows how to rebuild that engine — but he doesn’t acknowledge the person driving the car,” that’s a quote from a guy who worked on the romney campaign in 2011, as reported by the

also there’s a new commercial comparing romney to john kerry. and east coaster who also had a problem connecting with people.

mitt romney is the weakest candidate

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

is the u.s. media + the economist pushing mitt romney because he’s the weakest candidate and liberals secretly want him to win the nomination. is this true? rush limbaugh thinks so. can the republicans pull a different winner out of the bag? ron paul? gallop has posted a bogus poll today saying conservative voters in the republican party find mitt to be the most ‘acceptable’ candidate. what the hell does that mean? whatever happened to polling people and asking them whose the best candidate? it’s a shame that michelle bachmann didn’t hang in there. but i guess she sorta ran out of money.

on these blog pages we’ve asked numerous times, why the hell isn’t the u.s. media scrutinizing mitt romney? where are the hardball questions? romney has repeatedly skipped conservative forums so he doesn’t get hounded about his moderate record.

but we want the press to hound romney like they hounded herman cain (unlike how they did not hound john edwards).

watch full gop new hampshire november 7 debate here

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

the full GOP/republican party new hampshire debate is archived here. and should be posted shortly after the official debate ends. you can also go to to find the november 8 debate as well

scrutinze mitt romney please

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

we just got finished reading this lame-o article on the reuters website that talks about how mitt romney no longer wears investment banker suits on the stump.

we think the mainstream news media is doing a huge disservice to americans by doing all this non-reporting on mitt romney. the only article i’ve seen so far that almost does a bit of digging was in new york magazine. this one by reuters is just terrible.

the center-right stuff isn’t much better. but at least one person in a blog post on pointed out that before mitt romney decided to run for a state-wide office in MA and decided to run as a pro-choice candidate (because a pro-lifecandidate can’t get elected in MA), he went to the elders of the mormon church to explain his position.

ron and rand paul in iowa

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

january 2 is a full day for ron paul. from 10am – 5:30pm he’s crisscrosing across iowa. can he win in iowa. definitely yes. but the curious thing is that ron is taking his son (senator) rand paul along for the ride. possibly preparing him for a run in 2016?

and the lies about ron paul are festering among the mainstreamm media. both the economist (the economist!) and new york magazine are declaring that ron paul will launch a 3rd party run. when in fact he has repeatedly said that he’s not interested in making a 3rd party run.