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yoox versus net-a-porter

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

we’ve never actually purchased anything from net-a-porter. but about every 6 months like clock work, we peruse the site to see what’s new. buy v.i.p., a germany company which was bought by amazon last year has a similar model to net-a-porter. –buy overstock and sell it for considerably less.

but net-a-porter focuses more on the luxury market while buy v.i.p. is mroe focused on brands like diesel, g-star and such. which is high-end for some people but certain not luxury brands.

yoox, which is based in italy has a similar model to net-a-porter. but i mean if a company is based in italy and buys overstock of luxury brands, we’re thinking the stuff must be pretty excellent.

so we did a test. bought a miu miu skirt on a saturday. and the package was delivered on wednesday. so basically within 3 business days.

buy v.i.p takes about 6 weeks. –just enough time not to challenge the charge on your credit card bill. while we can’t really say what the turnaround time is for net-a-porter. at least not yet.


personal brands and tom peters

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

we were just cruising the fast company archives and came across this classic article by business mangement guru tom peters. we love that he used to have an AOL address and that he name checks the word ‘beeper’ in his screed.