whose to blame for the connecticut murders

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

the white house is blaming the nra. the nra –that’s the national rifle association for those clueless ones, is blaming hollywood and computer gaming companies. then there are various people who are most likely affiliated with the nra (charleton heston would be proud) who think ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’ then there’s this thing in the u.s. called the constitution and the second amendment. so are all these conversations merely media chatter. because as every american knows, this section of the constitution is not getting deleted. the only action that the u.s. government can take on the second amendment is to curve it.

the bigger question might be, why did lanza’s parent have multiple guns in their home? why weren’t they locked up? should his mother be blamed for her own death? isn’t that like blaming the victim? we at a blog about whatever are anti-gun on a personal basis. but we sometimes wax philosophical about the whole thing. if someone is truely nuts he (or she) would grab a knife and off a lot of folks, like what kids do in the uk. if the government controls all the guns whose to say something like what is happening in syria could happen in the u.s. are the loose gun laws in the united states and canada the reason that neither country has been conquered by a dictator? is violent american culture to blame?

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