h.265 in 2013

Friday, December 28th, 2012

video is the leading driver of data traffic on mobile networks. this number clocks in at 50% and sometimes hits 70%. 2013 will be a game changer for the entertainment and mobile industries. and perhaps will alleviate some of the ongoing headaches of ISPs.

with the introduction of the mpeg dash specification and the h.265 codec. mpeg dash should solve a lot of headaches for compressing video for various data rates so that companies such as netflix, which has been known to encode 100s of files to accomodate the various connection speeds of their customers, can compress 1 for multiple bitrates. h.265 will halve video files sizes of h.264 video. the h.265 codec uses hevc (high efficiencey video coding) that is more efficient than avc and provides a space saving of 50% with higher resolutions.

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