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are there really 2 belgiums?

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

cnn has a feature article about the 2 societies in belgium, one dominated by immigrants from the north african region. the article fails to include information about people who have successfully assimilated into belgian culture who are doctors, lawyers and small business owners. in jcvd (an abbreviation of jean claude van damme–the muscles from brussels), you get a peak at the underbelly of belgium. the film begins with 2 belgians of north african background talking about the representation of brown people in american films.


italian police arrest ID countefeiter tied to paris and brussels

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

according to RTL. be and the tv station france 24, the italian police have arrested a person who allegedly made counterfeit IDs for people tied to last week’s brussels attacks.

trump talks foreign policy with new york times

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

according to this transcript from the new york times, donald trump gets all of his foreign policy information from newspaers and television. the new york times also published their analysis of their 2 phone converstations with donald trump. but his being teflon trump, we’re thinking his fans/followers (aka voters) don’t really care that trump’s handful of foreign policy advisors are all from the US military. the editorial in the new york times points out that trump would rely 100% on deal making in his foreign policy approach, by threatening to quit buying oil from saudi arabia, to putting up trade barriers against china. trump also seems to have to qualms with re-arming japan by letting the country develop nuclear weapons.

teflon trump’s arizona win

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

trump has won arizona by more than 20 points over ted cruz, his closest rivals. trump, who has the intellectual grasp of foreign policy to rival that of sarah palin, can get away with declaring that the US should all but pull out of NATO (one day before the brussels attacks) and limit its military presence around the world and still go on to build his support. most people have pointed out that NATO is based in brussels. pulling out of NATO as well as a pull out in Asia (which trump also has advocated) would end the USA’s influence in international politics.

the washington post writes, the horror in belgium is a rebuke to trump’s foreign policy.


obama speaks to cuba

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

today obama announced his intention to lift sanctions on cuba and to further nomalize US-Cuba relationships.

je suis waffle

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

after the explosions in brussels. on a forum online i saw someone IM #jesuiswaffle.

transcrip donald trump washington post interviews

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

you can read the full transcript of the donald trump interview with the washington post. we will highlight more stuff later. he wants to decrease the US’s role in NATO. trump thinks germany should take the lead on the Ukraine since the Ukraine affects the US very little. trump all but condones pulling out of asia. he thinks that because chinese people rent apartments in his building in manhattan that he understands china. more later.

freedom of press threatened in turkey

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

on friday turkey signed a landmark agreement with the european union on migration and further movement towards EU accension. the agreement also introduces vice-free travel in the EU countries for turkish citizens. as the EU moves closer to turkey, turkey moves closer to authoritarianism. two weeks ago, the turkish government shut down a public news organization critical of turkey’s president erdoğan. a reporter for the germany-based publication der spiegel has been asked to leave the country. here is a report from reporters without borders.

german party members sent threats from AfD Fachten Armee

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

a group calling itself AfD Faktion Armee has sent threatening letters to former AfD members. the AfD was founded by bernd lucke, a professor of macroeconomics at the university of hamburg. lucke founded the party during the height of the financial bailouts of the PIGS (portugal, ireland, greece, spain) as an anti-Euro party–as in the currency, not as in the EU. in 2014 the party enter the european parliament. in 2015 at a party conference in which frauke petry was elected as the new chairman of the party, lucke split with the party–sighting its move toward the far right and its embrace of anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric and the pegida movement. lucke has sense launceh ALFA (allianu für Fortschritt und Aufbruch).

when did americans become anti trade

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

recently, i a conversation with a friend recently who made the comment that free trade is not free. to which i replied, this isn’t about a buy one get one free sale in a local supermarket or at the dollar discount store. it’s about the movement of goods and services.

i sometimes wonder what universities teach people in the united states. instead of students demanding safe places in their schools to stifle free speech, the students should be demanding that all schools make them take micro and macro economic series. this would ensure that at least the so-called educated class has a general grasp of basic economic theories. TPP is not an evil screed. the Transpacific Partnership would eliminate 18,000 taxes that are preventing american companies from being competitive on the international marketplace. but for some reason at this point in time in the US one cannot have this conversation with americans on the right or the left. JFK was a free trader as were ronald reagan and bill clinton. NAFTA is a success. capitalism is not always pretty, but it is very effective of rooting out stuff that has lived past its incept date–to borrow a term from bladerunner.