a brokered convention is not a coup

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

minus the non-decision in the MO primary, trump needs 591 delegates to get to 1237. thre are 118 delegate left. trump needs 52% of the remaining delegates. let’s assume that he takes all of the winner-take-all states such as arizona and california. these states will give him 419 delegates. trump would fall 172 delegates short. given that the remaining 527 are rewarded proportionally, it would be a challenge for trump. but according to an article on the daily caller. it’s not clear whether or not delegates are really bound on the first ballot. according to the rules. which is probably why kasich has hired people dating back to the days of gerald ford and the GOP’s last brokered convention to help me. incredible that these people are alive. but then james a. baker, who attended nancy reagan’s funeral last week, is alive too.

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