fcc plz rethink equal time law

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

according to this report by the new york times, trump’s campaign has received over $1.8B in free media–sometimes called earned media in media jargon. but did he earn it? to paraphrase newt gingrich, every morning donald trump wakes up and starts calling the news shows. this is unprecedented. he talks for about 8 mintues repeating the same thing again and again we’re gonna build a wall, we’re gonna make america great again. you know, ted cruz is a liar–lying ted cruz. lying ted cruz and little marco rubio. now that rubio is out, we wonder what trump has to say about kasich.

i myself estimate that trump gets at least $10M of free time per week on CNN. and what about the 1 hour infomercial where he pushed trump steaks, trump wine, and trump magazine. 2 of which no longer exist. the 3rd of which was ironically owned by a company called the bush brothers. it was comedy’s central’s the daily show’s fact checking team, along with a blogger to uncovered this deception.


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