freedom of the press

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

i quit blogging a few years ago because i got really busy with my master’s program, then i found a job. and at the same time i didn’t really think i had anything to say any longer that could uniquely contribute to the political and cultural discourse. but now i do.

i am concerned by how donald trump is trampling on the constitution–and he is only a POTENTIAL GOP nominee. in this video on Fox News, meghan kelly (whose name i can never spell right), mentions that the editor of politico has been denied credentials for trump events because he wrote a negative article on donald trump’s campaign manager corey lewendowski who has been accused of assaulting a breitbart journalist. andrew breitbart is probably rolling over in his grave.

the list of news organizations denied access to trump events include: the national review, univision (which is aimed toward the latino community in the USA), fusion, huffington post, the des moines register and politico.

the foundation of democracy is freedom of speech but also freedom of the press. trump, who is from TV -land is probably used to being able to use this tactic to control media coverage of his TV shows and beauty pagents. but in politics this is what dictators do.

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