the supremes lack of diversity

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

the u.s. supreme court is dominated by ivy leaguers from new york and new jersey. with the exception of clarence thomas, who is from south carolina, they are all from new york city or new jersey. there are 5 catholics and 3 jews on the court. since john paul stevens retired in 2010 and prior to scalia passing away this year, that number was 0 protestants 6 catholics and 3 jews. merrick garland, who obama has nominated today, would be the 4th jewish american added to the court if the senate confirms him. so the question is, should the regional and religious make up of the court be more of a microcosm of the USA? not that we miss stevens at all. at 63 garland would be 2 years away from when most americans retire from their jobs. which begs the question, when will congress try to user in mandatory retirement for supreme court justices? and is that constitutional? if the british parliament was able to persuade the british monarchy to sign the magna carta, surely this must be possible. **this post has been updated with spelling corrections and the right number of justices. hope we got all of ’em.**


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