trump campaign threatening reporters

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

the national press club is concerned about recent threats and attacks on journalists at the trump campaign events. 2 weeks ago a photographer from Time magazine was put in a chokehold and thrown to the ground as he tried to photograph protestors at a trump rally. a breitbart journalist has filed criminal complaints against corey lewandowski–trump’s campaign manager for allegedly manhandling her and leaving a bruise on her arm.

the 4th estate exists for a reason. so that politicians don’t stamp on the constitution. if we thought richard nixon was scary and paranoid. does one wonder what a trump administration might usher in.

the problem at the moment is that loads of democrats are crossing over to vote in the GOP primaries (in the open primary states) because, we think, that the people think trump would be easy for hillary clinton to beat. but if these crossover DEMS are actually voting for trump because they want to stick it to the system, then the USA has a potential problem.

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