bill o’reilly tries to save reputation

Friday, March 18th, 2016

since trump announced that he was running for for the GOP nomination, bill o’reilly (who has been attending sporting events with donald trump for years) has been covering for the donald. now bill o’reilly tries to prove that he’s not in the can for trump. but within in the video o’reilly continues to cover for donald trump. whether or not trump is a racist will be up to debate for centuries. but he is fanning the flames of the far right in the US with coded and overt gestures to a part of the electorate that has been shamed into the woodwork starting in the 1960s.

PBS’s news program the News Hour just ran a video segment on trump volunteers in north carolina. after running the segment and posting it on the web, readers in the comment section pointed out that the woman in the video on the Mac had white supremacist symbols on her hands. and that her husband had a white supremacist symbol on his neck.

can someone blame trump for his volunteers sporting questionable tattos? should the people manning his campaign offices actually vet volunteers? no one should ever be an apologist for people with twisted views about religious, ethnic and racial minorities.  and it is up to citizen bloggers, the media and citizens to raise these issues. we take our hats off to the people writing in the comment secion on the PBS website who were the first to point out what the numbers 88 on the woman’s left hand was a widely known neo nazi symbol.

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