who are the trump voters

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

should we call them voters or followers? like david koresch, trumpians are married to the demagouge’s personality. like the branch davidians, no rational argument from who we assume are most likely rational people will ever yield a logical response from trumpians.  does this mean the republican party is doomed?

firstly, donald trump (aka drumpf) is not a republican. his views are firmly entrenched on the far right and the far left, with nothing in between. to this end, he is able to capture voters from the far reaches of the universe from area 51 to route 66. one might wonder how someone who wants the state to protect them would simultaneously advocate religious discrimination and denying prisoners-of-war their human rights. but somehow trump has found these people.

trump voters want the US government to make the US economy great again. this from their PoV would mean to get rid of NAFTA–which facilitates more than $2B USD worth of trade between the US and Canada daily. then they want the USA to build a wall between mexico and the USA. obviously the trump voters have forgotten the cold war and the berlin wall.

are the trump voters white supremacists?  well, pbs was quite adept at unintentionally outing trump’s white supremacist voters in north carolina to the entire universe.

samantha bee tried to create her own little focus group of young trumpians. who just days ago would have been members of young americans for freedom. most wrote off trump’s assertions as jokes. and believed he shouldn’t be taken literally. but as children of the 20th century one should never forget that once upon a time there was a man with a funny little moustache, a bad haircut and a very unusual stump speech, who was elected democratically. nobody took him seriously and we all know how that ended.

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